From the desk of OSPL..

Since May 2013, we have assisted individuals seeking to hold permanent residency in Australia through our expert immigration consultancy. Immigration laws and requirements often seem convoluted and exhaustive to those who aren’t already familiar with the migration process, and OSPL recognizes this. Our experienced immigration consultants provides clients with advice and guidance as they embark on their new lives in beautiful Australia, allowing them both convenience and relief from the strenuous processes involved in our immigration system. We are among the most trusted immigration consultants with proven track record.

OSPL consists of a team led by four expert directors, all holding years of varying experiences that are truly valuable to our immigration-related services. All four directors of the company are Australian residents and are currently situated in the country. The directors’ qualification and experience includes an Australian immigration officer of five years, with another five years working as independent immigration consultant; a top-tier manager of a successful real estate company; a highly-skilled telecommunications engineer; and an experienced lawyer with current Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) registration and the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

Our services encompass a wide range of immigration-related concerns, we are Australian immigration consultants. In general, we offer assistance with visas for permanent residency, spouses or partners, and all other migration-related adequacies. Within these parameters, we also provide optional services following your arrival to Australia. These include accommodation for up to two weeks, banking account setup, tax file number processing, and even resume building for the Australian market. For individuals completely unfamiliar with our country, these resources can make their lives substantially easier.

Our migration consultancy team is always welcoming to anyone seeking assistance. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions, and our experts will provide answers post-haste.

  • Assisting aspirants to match their skills with Australian standards
  • Assisting migrants to settle in overseas
  • Harmonizing migrant skills with employer needs
  • Assisting in migrant settlement and withholding
  • Consultancy related to business investment
  • Implementing compliance with immigration law policy
  • Assisting throughout the transition process
  • Permanent Residence (PR, 190 & 189)- Expertise
  • Temporary Residence work visa (457)
  • Student Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Short Stay
  • Business Investment
  • Family Migration (Partner, Prospective Partner, Parents)