Various family visas options for Australia

The Australia Family visa system provides a pathway to join up Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents with their close family members. This enables eligible people to sponsor their family members to join them in Australia on temporary or permanent basis.

There are several migration options for partners, fiancés, parents, children, and other close family members of Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents to come and live in Australia. 

Various Visa Options:

  1.      Partner Visas

Under partner visa scheme, partners and fiancés of Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents can apply to shift permanently in Australia.

There are different visas for people from abroad to live with their partner in Australia. These mainly include:

Spouse visa

For applying this visa, the sponsoring partner has to be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. In case if two years after you apply the spousal relationship is in progress, a permanent visa can be granted.

Prospective Marriage Visa (fiancés)

In the event if you have plans to get married, you don’t need to wait until you marry to apply for a partner visa to come to Australia. This visa type allows people from foreign countries to enter Australia, marry their fiancé. However, the fiancé must be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. Prospective Marriage Visa holders can apply to remain permanently in Australia after marriage.

  1.      Parent visas

 A parent visa allows the parents of a child, who is settled in Australia to migrate to Australia to join their child. However, the child (the sponsor) must be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. Moreover, these visas are for those parents whose age is equivalent to a person who is entitled for an Australian Age pension. This visa is a pathway for permanent residence for aged parents to come or live in Australia. However, there are some other visas options also available but that generally cost more than the aged parent visa but they are usually processed faster.

Moreover, there are contributory aged parent (permanent) visas, which allow aged parents who are in Australia on a temporary basis and who have children living in Australia, to live in Australia for a long time. Nevertheless, applicants must apply for a permanent visa before this temporary visa expires. 

  1.      Child Visa 


These permanent visas allow children from overseas who are children or stepchildren of an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident, to travel to and remain in Australia.

 The eligibility criteria for this visa include some strict guidelines. Firstly, the parent must act as sponsor for the child and he/she can lodge the visa application on behalf of the child. Moreover, the Child is required to be under the age of 25 years.

 Apart from it, there are also visa options for children whose parent are temporary partner visa holders and are in the process of getting a permanent partner visa. Nevertheless, the thing to be note here is that in case if this visa is granted, the child has to lodge a different application for the same permanent visa as of their parent before a decision is taken on the parent's permanent visa application.

Orphan Relative

As per this visa conditions, children under 18 years of age whose parents are not able to care for them, can enter to and live in Australia with an Australian relative. 

However, only those children are eligible to get this visa, whose parents have been deceased, permanently incapacitated, or those whose whereabouts are unidentified and those who have an eligible sponsor.


This visa is suitable for children living outside Australia, who are under 18 years of age, and who have been or are in the process of being adopted by an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.

 Nevertheless, the important point to take care is that if the child was adopted before the parent got Australian citizenship or Australian permanent visa, they are not eligible to apply for this visa. 

  1.      Other Family members 

Remaining Relative

This visa is for people to join their siblings or parents who are their only near relatives and are Australia resident.

Aged Dependant Relative

This is a permanent visa option for aged persons who depend on a relative in Australia for their all or most of living costs.

Carer Visa

This visa allows people, who needed to care for an Australian relative or a member of their family, facing a medical condition, to enter or live in Australia.