Various Accommodation Options to Consider While Studying Abroad

Deciding where you are going to live while studying abroad is a very important decision to make as it can put a great impact on the fact that how much you will enjoy your studying experience in another country. In case if you do not like the place where you are living or you do not feel safe over there, it can greatly affect your overall experience. On the other side, if you are living with people with whom you are having good understanding and you feel very comfortable; it will enable you focus on your studies and make lifetime friends in the process.

There are number of accommodation options available for students ranging from university dormitories to independent apartments. However, choosing independent student housing is an easy and convenient option for students studying overseas or taking part in any exchange programs. So, for your assistance, here's a quick guide on study abroad housing options to help you to decide that what sort of housing will be best for you. 

Types of accommodation:

Apart from university provided accommodation, there are some typical accommodation options including homestays, apartments, and student dorms. These all can significantly change your overall experience depending on which one you choose. 

  1.      Homestay

In a homestay you get a chance to live with a family, which can include the whole family, a couple, or a single parent. Under this, you are usually either given a private room or you have to share it with one other student. The fee of a homestay mostly comprise of house rent, utilities, and food costs. Living in a homestay is a great way to engross yourself into their local language, culture and lifestyle. 

However, on the flip side it generally lacks the privacy and liberty that an apartment can offer. As you will have to live with a family, you ought to respect the rules they have set up. Nevertheless, it is mostly like an adjustment for young college students as they just getting used to their newfound freedom from their parents. 

  1.      Independent Apartments

Apartments offer you freedom, flexibility, and independence that you can't get through a homestay or dorm life. You can choose live with other exchange students or local residents. However, whether the option you have picked, you will surely get a more raw experience especially if you choose to live with locals.

As there will be no one to hold your hand, it's the best way to jump feet first into an experience abroad. Moreover, it also provides you an opportunity to get along with the local population on your own terms.

Nevertheless, sharing an apartment with friends or strangers has its own pros and cons. Moreover, there are a lot of questions to ask yourself before choosing to stay with other people. For instance, will you be able to get along with potentially conflicting and odd personalities?

Besides, always try to look for furnished apartments or else, you will need to purchase and leave behind several things you will require for the time spent abroad. Moreover, you will also have to spend needlessly during move in. 

  1.      Student Dorms

In case if you want to have a truly immersive experience, consider about living in a local student dorm. In most of the cases, you can find a dorm directly offered by the university, or a dorm-like unit that's set up and run by any another organization unrelated to the university. Generally, this option is quite reasonable and will mostly always come furnished. However, if you're completely over the student dorm life, you might not be up for it on your study overseas.