Best Australian Cities for international Students

Australia has some of the top cities in the world for international students to study and live in. These cities offer a mixture of world-class universities and high living standards.

Australia attracts around 300,000 international students each year. The popularity of Australia as a study abroad destination can be seen from the fact almost one in three university students are from abroad, mainly from China, India, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia. These international students add a global flavour to university life in Australia.

It is quite exciting to compare Australian cities as places for study abroad destinations. Though there are numerous similarities, each city possesses its own qualities. It can prove very useful for students coming to study abroad, to know about the different cities as it can helps to choose a university city and get the full advantage of what the place has to offer. 

Top cities of Australia: 

  1. Melbourne

Located in State of Victoria, Melbourne has named as Australia’s best city for students. Without a doubt it is Australia’s biggest student city. As per data there are around 270,000 university students in Melbourne and more than a third of this are overseas students.

Melbourne offers students plenty of education choices, with 9 universities based in the city. It is also ranked as Australia’s most livable city on account of the cultural entertainment it offers plus good public transport. 

  1.      Adelaide

Adelaide is situated in South Australia. It is another one of the best cities for students to live in. It. Adelaide has solid record of numbers of international students, as approximately 27 per cent of students studying here are from abroad. There are a total of 4 universities in this city.  Adelaide is a quite economical place to live due to low accommodation costs. 

  1.      Perth

Located in Western Australia, Perth is a very good study destination, though a little bit expensive. The number of students studying here are almost similar to Melbourne but on a smaller scale. Overseas students also constitute a third of all university students.

This city offers a number of educational choices, as there are 4 major universities established in the city. However, the living costs in Perth are fairly high. Even it is the second most expensive city of Australia after Sydney. But the high living costs also reveal a strong local economy and job market. 

  1.      Brisbane

Situated in Queensland, Brisbane is also one of the biggest cities of Australia. The proportion of international students in this city is 22 per cent, which is about 6 points lower than the national average.

Brisbane offers students reasonable choice. Though there are only 3 universities that are based in Brisbane, there are a number of others teaching facilities available here.  Moreover, Brisbane is the second most economical city to live in Australia after Adelaide. 

  1.      Sydney

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and home to nearly 230,000 university students, of which around 22% are international students.

There are five top-class universities based in Sydney, which make this city a popular choice for study abroad for international students.

However, a major drawback to Sydney is the high cost of living. Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia. 

  1.      Canberra

Canberra is the capital city of Australia’s and is one of the quality small-city for students.

There are 2 universities based in this city including the top-ranked Australian National University. There are around 35,000 students, out of which nearly 9,000 are international students.

Canberra offers a great environment for university study. However,  it is also a quite expensive place to live.