Facts that make sydney an ideal city for study abroad

Facts that make Sydney an ideal city for study abroad Sydney is Australia’s largest city and the capital of the state New South Wales. After Melbourne, Sydney is the second major destination for immigrants to Australia.

There are five major universities based in Sydney, in each of them more than 30,000 students study on campus. The city’s expansion in recent years has largely been inland to the west. Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world; however, the average wage rates are also quite highest. 

  • Weather and climate

Sydney is situated on the central coast of New South Wales, surrounded by the Tasman Sea to its east and Blue Mountains to the western side.

Sydney city is built around bays, rivers, coves, and harbours. It is built on a plain on the south of the harbour and on a hilly plateau on the north.

Sydney’s climate is basically temperate; however the central areas mostly experience greater extremes than coastal parts. In nights, the temperatures are seldom below 5°C, even in the winter months. Summers are generally warm and sometimes hot. Rainfall is quite common throughout the year and boosted by rare heavy downpours. 

  • World renowned universities

 Sydney’s universities are known worldwide for academic research. As per world rankings, 4 of Australia’s top 10 universities are based in Sydney.

Most of the university campus locations are in central areas of city but some large campuses are also situated in western and northern suburbs. The famous Australian Catholic University, which is spread across many states and territories, is also having a campus in Sydney.

There are five major universities in Sydney. These include- The University of New South Wales is a research-focused institution.

Its main campus is located in Kensington.

The University of Sydney, this is one of the world’s top 50 universities. The university’s main campus is situated on the outer edge of the city centre.

Western Sydney University, this university has numerous campuses located in Greater Western Sydney. This university receives the highest student satisfaction ratings among all of the Sydney’s universities.

The University of Technology Sydney, commonly known as UTS, this is a metropolitan university formed by the merging of many inner-city institutions. Thus university mainly provides courses in engineering, business studies, and arts and design.

Macquarie University, this university holds the maximum numbers of international students, as nearly a third of its students are from overseas or studying through a large student exchange program. The university’s main campus is situated in Sydney’s northern inland. 

  • A city full of life

Sydney is a big place with lots of diversity. There are many good things that every Sydneysider usually experiences about this city.

As Sydney’s weather is very temperate, thus one doesn’t actually have to spend a lot on heating or air-conditioning. There are many beautiful beaches for relaxing, and even to enjoy warm weather, there are surf beaches as well.

The central Sydney is built around a magnificent harbour having iconic landmarks.

  • Plenty to offer

Same as all great cities, Sydney is a center of activities and the city has many things to offer. Queen Victoria Building, which is located at a close proximity to Town Hall Rail Station, made it quite convenient and ideal for shopping.

Sydney also offers a lot of entertainment facilities. It attracts almost every major musical, theatre or any entertainment act that comes to Australia.

  • A multicultural city

Sydney has a rich mix of ethnicities because of a strong and steady arrival of immigrants over several years. This can be easily observed in Sydney’s restaurant scene that is quite diverse, innovative and competitive.

  • An excellent place to study abroad

Sydney has a stunning landscape and hosts almost every big cultural, entertainment and sporting events. Hence, international students can capture memorable moments while studying in this city.