Earn while you learn in Australia

Australia, which is the sixth largest country in the world, is home to 7 universities in the top 100 of the most esteemed universities in the world. Apart from the world class education facilities, Australia also offers a number of work opportunities for interested overseas students.

Any international student visa holder studying abroad in Australia is eligible to work during his/her time spent studying in the country. They are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week .This is a good chance for students who want to earn money to supplement their living costs and other finances during their stay and for those who want to gain some work experience in their field of interest alongside their study.

There is a wide range of work options available for international students in Australia, which mainly include:

  1. Paid work:  A student possessing essential qualifications and professional experience can be able to secure a part time or even full time job in their desired field.

There are a number of industries, which provide many part type job opportunities in different areas like – sales, telemarketing, agriculture (fruit-packing, farming), teaching, retail (stores, supermarkets), hospitality and tourism. 

  1.  Internships:  There are plenty of internship options available for those students, who want to secure their profession in one of their desired field. Internships, whether paid or not, can be a good chance to explore and get information about the professional, financial and creative industries. 
  1.  Voluntary work: There are various non-government organisations and charities operating in Australia, which seek for many volunteers to help them out. Volunteering can be a great chance for students to meet with other people and get some work experience along with doing something good for community as well. 

Important rules and conditions to keep in mind:

It is very important to be aware of some common rules and regulations under Australian student visa while working, which include:

  • It is very important for international students to be aware of the fact that they cannot work until they have begin their course in Australia. Once their course has commenced they are allowed to work for up to 40 hours every two weeks in case if their course is in session and unlimited hours when their course is not in session. 
  • Dependent family members of international students can also work in Australia. But there are certain rules, which they have to follow. As per rules, family members must not start work in Australia until the primary visa holder has commenced their course. Moreover, family members are allowed to work to a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight. However, if the primary visa holder has commenced a masters or doctoral degree course and holds a Student visa; there is no limit on the number of hours a family member can wor 
  • Students should pursue a regular study program that must approved by the Australian government.
  • Students have to maintain satisfactory attendance record and course progress as per college or university requirements.
  • Students should maintain Overseas Student Health Cover.