A complete guide on Australian permanent residence visa system

An Australian Permanent Resident Visa is a type of card or document which is an official proof that one is living in Australia lawfully as a permanent residence on the permission of government. This visa also provides its holders majority of living and working benefits like other Australian citizens.

The Australia Permanent Resident process is a very well structured and efficient point-based system. The applications of all applicants are evaluated as per this point-based system on the basis of their credentials that include applicant’s abilities together with educational and skills related factors.

An Australian permanent resident is a title given to a non-citizen who is the holder of a permanent visa. He/she can live, work and study without much restriction in Australia. 

Basic eligibility criteria to apply for Australian permanent residency only those applicants can apply for a permanent visa, those who have:

  • lived for at least two years in a Specified Regional Area and worked

(Being self-employed can also count) for at least one year in these same areas.


  • got sponsorship under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme 

Essential documents requirements

To apply for a permanent visa, the very first step applicants need to take is to prepare all the important documents required for their visa, which mostly include:

  • Educational Certificates
  • Work Experience Documents
  • Sufficient Language Proficiency (IELTS, PTE or other test results)
  • Travelling documents such as passport, permission from the authorities etc.

 Benefits of getting an Australian permanent residence visa:

Freedom to travel:  An Australian permanent visa enables the visa holder to travel in and out of Australia whenever he/she wants for the length of their visa. However, even if the visa has expired, he/she can remain in the country for an indefinite period but cannot travel out. If they still want to travel, they will require a Resident Return Visa.

Freedom to work: The other major benefit of permanent residence is freedom to work. Visa holders are entitled to work for any employer in any occupation, except for working in the Armed forces or Public Service, which is strictly restricted to the Australian Citizens.

Freedom to pursue education:  Australian Permanent Resident visa offers a visa holder unlimited freedom to pursue his/her higher education. Permanent residents are entitled to get certain education loans apart from a number of options to choose for university education.

Apply for an Australian citizenship: Australian Permanent Residents become eligible to apply for an Australian citizenship. There is a certain list of requirements to be fulfilled for getting a permanent citizenship. However, permanent citizenship can only be granted to an Australian Permanent Resident visa holder.

Entitlement of Australian citizenship to the children of the visa holder: Children of Permanent Resident visa holders, who are born in Australia, get Australian citizenship by birth. It can be very beneficial for them because they can enjoy the maximum privileges in the field of education and health care.

Right to sponsor: One of another benefit this visa provides to permanent residents is that they can sponsor their relatives for getting an Australian permanent residence.

Healthcare facilities:  One of the important aspects of permanent residence is the aspect of free healthcare. Permanent residents are eligible for Medicare, which is an inclusive health coverage covering all the promising aspects of healthcare. Moreover, permanent residents can also qualify for cheaper health insurance.

Entitlement of various grants: Permanent residents are also entitled for first home owner grant. The visa holders are eligible to receive a $7,000 incentive and waiver of stamp duty for purchase of a first home. In addition, Permanent residents are also free from any restrictions of the Foreign Investment Review Board compulsory on purchase of any residential property.