4 most important things to keep in mind while choosing a rental accommodation in Australia

After deciding where you are going to study in Australia, there are some other important things that you have to start preparing for your time in the country. One of the most important things that one need to take care of is making sure that he/she has some place to live.

The place you choose to live can put a great impact on the fact that how much you will enjoy your studying experience in another country. In case if you do not like the place where you are living or you do not feel safe over there, it can greatly affect your overall experience. On the other side, if you are living with people with whom you are having good understanding and you feel very comfortable; it will enable you focus on your studies and make lifetime friends in the process.

There are number of accommodation options available for students ranging from university dormitories to independent apartments. However, finding independent student housing is an easy and convenient option for students studying abroad or taking part in any exchange programs.

Before you start searching for accommodations, try to make a list of things that you want in and about your apartment because if you do not set these important things in place before you start searching a rental, you might end up setting yourself up for disappointment.

Here are four most important factors to take in consideration before choosing a rental accommodation:

  1.      Cost

The cost of your rental can vary depending on various factors include type, location (city or state) and what types of amenities are included with the rental. Before you even start looking for a rental, you should keep in mind how much you can pay every month including any of your extra bills. There is a huge difference between a one-bedroom apartment that you are getting in $400 with no amenities included than one, which is available in $525 including internet, heat, water, or sewer/trash. Do not select the one just because the price looks good, as you have to look at it in terms of everything else that you are spending. The best way is to set yourself a lower limit, an ideal, and an upper limit; therefore, you can go for rentals within that range easily.

  1.      Location

Location is another most important factor to consider before looking for an accommodation. It’s very important that how far away or close is the rental from where you are going to your college or university. The closer the rental will be to your university, the better it will be for you. On the other side, if it will be too far, you will have to include any transportation costs into your calculations as well as it can also make your commute more stressful.

Apart from it, try to make sure that other important places, such as the grocery stores or hospitals are within a small distance as well.

  1.      Furnishing

Furnishing is a very important factor to consider as an international student. You should make sure that the rental you are looking at is furnished or not. Furnished apartments generally cost a little extra per month; however, they also help you saving you money on other important things that you would have to buy for the apartment. The best benefit of taking a furnished apartment is that you won’t have to take stress about selling or giving away the furniture when you leave.

  1.      Other things that you can think of

Apart from above mentioned factors, if there is anything else that comes to your mind, then you should write down those requirements as well. These requirements might include like you can keep a pet or not, on which floor of the building your rental is situated, a bathing preference and so on.