4 major categories of scholarships offered to all international students by Australian universities and government!!

One of the most important considerations to think before taking the decision to study abroad is the cost of the course. A substantial number of potential students don't travel to another country to seek after higher examinations because of the high costs involved with studying abroad. However, you don’t need to be panic as there are many ways to fund your studies abroad and scholarships are best among them.

The most convenient way to finance your studies abroad is through scholarships. These are the most popular type of student funding.

There are a number of scholarships out there, in other words which means that there’s a scholarship for everyone.

Types of scholarships available are:

  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Fellowships (International and independent organisations scholarships)
  • Targeted scholarships
  • Sports scholarships 
  1. Merit-based scholarships

Australian Universities offer various types of scholarships to International meritorious students that help them to fund their studies easily. These scholarships are offered totally on the basis of the student’s academic performance. These scholarships generally cover tuition fees but these might also cover the living costs and travel.

Scholarships offered for coursework program mainly covers all major part of the tuition fees. In fact, some research programs provide funding up to 100% for tuition fee and a good amount of money to cover their living costs.

Aside from the university and college scholarships, international students are also eligible for Government scholarships as well.

However, the criteria of the Government scholarship is pretty competitive than the university scholarships. Since the numbers of applicants apply for these scholarships are quite high, hence, it is always better to apply in a little advance to get suitable response. 

  1. Fellowships

Fellowships aim at promoting cooperation and knowledge between future leaders of the international community. These offer the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to commence study, research and professional development in Australia as well as for high-achieving Australians to do the same abroad. Fellowships also develop potential, stimulate change, and enable the recipients to do more for the world along with achieving their education goals. 

  1. Targeted scholarships

Various Australian universities offer a number of scholarship programs that either require an applicant to undertake a particular degree or attend a particular university. 

  1. Sports scholarships

Sports scholarship is one of the best ways of combining education with high-level sports along with getting your degree funded. The young aspiring athletes in Australia are quite aware that securing sports scholarship is the best option to kick starts their career as it provides them the very best chance of success.

Athletes are selected in a number of different ways for Australian Sports Scholarships. Scholarship applicants are mostly selected after an extensive process of determined observation, coach discussions and eventually after a comparative assessment process. The scholarships are then offered to excellent participants who have the potential to represent Australia in their chosen sports.

A wide range of Sports that have Scholarships include,

  • Australian Football (AFL)
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Tennis 

                    Those who need more information about scholarships and grant money can take help from the Australian Government’s International student’s initiative webpage. There are lots of scholarships options available for students to check out and the website will provide students all of the information that they might need to apply for different scholarships. These websites also have a search function to help students find the scholarships best suited to them.