Top 10 best Master's Degrees options for Commerce students in Australia

Australia is known worldwide for its great climate, wonderful beaches and outstanding higher education system. Apart from the world class education facilities, Australia also offers a number of work opportunities and a wide range of different courses for interested overseas students.

Commerce is an economics related field that mainly include the activities implied by the trading of products. There is a wide range of specialisations offered by commerce studies, like, banking, accounting, business sustainability, international business, human resource management, entrepreneurship, quantitative finance and many more.

Here are top 10 best options for graduate commerce students who want to go for masters in this ever-increasing field....

  1. The Master of Commerce

The Master of Commerce provides students a great choice and flexibility, by allowing them to develop their knowledge and skills to progress their career in a number of specialisations. This study program equips students with a practical understanding of core business practices and concepts. Moreover, high achieving students of this course can get a number of options to undertake a work placement in Australia or abroad.

  1. The Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management

By doing this degree students can gain valuable insights from leading industry organisations, ranging from primary production to manufacturing, distribution, shipping and retail and master a variety of strategic management competencies to progress their career in business as well as in government organisations on local, national and even on international level.

  1. The Graduate Certificate in Business

This study program offers students an introduction into the world of business and enables them to increase their professional opportunities. Under this course, students can explore various topics like management, accounting, leadership and marketing.

  1. M.Sc. Commerce

This study program offers students a pathway to PhD study. Those with just a little commerce background can still go for an advanced level of academic study. M.Sc. Commerce program offers an advanced and in detail level of study in one or more business or commerce fields, like finance, accounting or business information systems.

  1. Accounting Foundation Stream (M.Com)

This study program is suitable for students who have graduated with a bachelor degree or equivalent from a field except accounting and those who want to pursue a career in professional accounting or want to go on senior or management roles. Accounting Foundation Stream (M.Com) is designed to provide students a broad understanding of accounting, together with the professional knowledge and standards needed for industry membership and advancement.

  1. The Graduate Diploma of Commerce

This study program is designed for students who have passed an undergraduate degree in any field from an accepted Australian university or have equivalent international qualification. After completing this diploma, students might be given credit towards MBA or the Master of Commerce.

  1. Master in (International Business) (Professional)

The Master of Commerce (International Business) (Professional) offers students an opportunity to get specialist knowledge in international commerce and trade. There is no deny the fact that in this globalised era, international business has become one of the most important and powerful forces in the world of business, therefore, its study is relevant to almost all areas of business life. 

  1. Master in Accounting (Professional)

This study program offers student a pathway for university graduates in any specialised area to get qualifications that are fully recognised by Australia government. Moreover, after this student can also go on to study more advanced units in business and accounting.

  1. Advanced Accounting

This postgraduate accounting course is suitable for students who have already completed an accounting degree, which is recognised by CPA Australia. This program enables students to acquire the advanced skills and knowledge to be a part of management and governing bodies, and to take leadership positions in a workplace.

   10.The Master of International Trade and Development 

This study program aims to inspire student’s ability to think and act strategically on various important international trade and development issues.