6 new and innovative business studies options for international students in Australia

Australia, which is the sixth largest country in the world, is home to 7 universities in the top 100 of the most esteemed universities in the world. Apart from the world class education facilities, this country also offers a number of work opportunities and a wide range of different courses for interested overseas students.

While talking about Business studies, this is an area of study in which students can learn the required skills for running a business.

Different topics are included in this, like marketing, advertising, managing money, administration, communication, business plan writing, and human recourse management for the hiring and training of employees.

Apart from MBA, there are many innovative study options available for students in Australia, which mainly include: 

  1. Master of Business Research

The aim of this study program is to train students as per high-level business research, for various senior management or academic purposes.

This program can enable students to undertake an important piece of research in their area of interest, using their expert knowledge and highly developed research techniques to find the solution of any management problem. Moreover, the research student’s conduct over many years will definitely play an important part in contributing towards the development of new solutions for industry, knowledge and community development. 

  1. Master of Business and Innovation

Under this study program, students can select any two specialisations that can help them to enhance their expertise and broaden their knowledge along with complementing their career ambitions. Students can choose their area of specialisations from a number of fields including Big Data and Visualisation, Enterprise Leadership, Digital Transformation, Crisis Management, International Business, Finance, Sustainable Business and Professional Communication. Apart from these specialisations, the third component of this study program will include a research project that will help students to expand their knowledge in pioneering business and entrepreneurship. 

  1. Master of International Business

There is no denying the fact that global markets are of increasing importance in all areas of business. A Master of International Business study program aims to build student’s understanding of international business and the global economy, along with the role of managers in this perspective. After completing this program, students will be ready to be a part of an organisation like any joint venture, import and Export Company, or any other company that is engaged in international trade, with a global outlook. 

  1. Master of Business Management

Master of Business Management provides high-level managers and future entrepreneurs a strong business knowledge base and a variety of varied and expert communication skills. These all skills will definitely help them to thrive in the business world, whether it is in the domestic or international. Through this study program students can learn how to polish up their researching abilities, analyse complex issues and find the most appropriate strategies while developing solutions. Moreover, students can also enhance their level of qualifications with a number of elective subjects in the areas of Marketing, Public Administration, Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Urban and Regional Planning and International Business. 

  1. Masters Degree Global Business Management

This study program is mainly for the experienced professionals who want to enhance or change their careers or professionals or those with an undergraduate degree, who want to upgrade their levels of studies.

This course offers students an international business management qualification, which enhances business intelligence for the global hospitality. 

  1. Master of Property Development and Investment

This study program is designed for those property and investment professionals who want to enhance their qualifications or expertise and those who want to go in the property and real estate investment industries. Through this study program, students can develop an understanding of how to evaluate real estate assets, how to balance private and public interests in urban development and how to assess development feasibility. After completing this study program, students can choose from a number of career options include, real estate finance, various positions in banking and government instrumentalities, real estate investment and property management and development.