Top 10 higher studies options for medical students in Australia!!

There is no denying the fact that Australia holds a strong reputation for brilliance and excellence in all over the world for its higher degrees and training programs in a wide range of study options. This worldwide reputation can be seen from a huge number of overseas students who decide to broaden their skills and get lifetime opportunities by completing their masters from top Australian universities.

Those who are interested in doing their higher studies in Medicine in Australia can choose from a wide range of Masters Programmes. However, as a majority of Australian universities taught study programmes in English language, therefore, before starting a programme, students need to have at least a basic knowledge of the English language.

Here are some of the best and most innovative study options in the field of human medicine.... 

1.  Postgraduate Certificate in Health Service Management

The Postgraduate Certificate of Health Service Management is an advanced study course, which is mainly aim to offer management professionals (from both the public and private health sectors) training based on issues related with modern professional management practices. The best part about this study program is that some of Australia's top senior health service professionals teach into the units, which enables students to get an experience of real-world case-studies. 

2.  Postgraduate Diploma Health Promotion

This study program helps students to learn the ways to engage individuals as well as communities locally and internationally with their health care and wellbeing. The Graduate Diploma Health Promotion will armed students with the skills required to work in this fast-growing health sector.

3. The Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology

This study program serves as a bridging degree to allow qualified Clinical Neuropsychologists to upgrade their skills in Clinical Psychology along with making them eligible for approval as a Clinical Psychologist under the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA)/AHPRA.

4.  Postgraduate Diploma in International Health

The Postgraduate Diploma in International Healthaims toprovide medical and health professionals the skills essential to design, implement and assess programs that deal with the main public health priorities of communities specially in developing countries.

5.  Masters in Optometry and Vision Science

This study program is designed to provide students with clinical skills and advanced knowledge in Optometry and Vision Sciences. The program is intended to offer a wide range of courses that provide students training in clinical as well as theoretical aspects associated with Optometry.  Moreover, students also get a number of opportunities to progress their knowledge in various fields including Visual Neuroscience, Occupational Optometry, Contact Lenses, Community Eye Health, Business Skills and Behavioural Optometry. 

6. Masters in  Advanced Nursing

The Master of Advanced Nursing is a study program that aims to prepare students for leadership roles in clinical nursing, education and management. The Clinical specialisations offer by this course includes emergency nursing, mental health nursing and intensive care nursing.

7. The Master of Philosophy in Medical Science

The Master of Philosophy in Medical Science is a study program, which comprise of more than two years of full time study or the equivalent in half-time standing. This program is mainly intended to train people in two main areas: research methodology and techniques. This program also aims to engage students in the critical assessment of literature and results in their field of research at a higher level.

8. Masters in Optometry

Masters in Optometry is mainly designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills required to practise as an optometrist not only in Australia but in other parts of the world as well.

9. The Master of Science in Addiction Studies

M.Sc. in Addiction Studies or also known as International Programme in Addiction Studies is an exclusive postgraduate program, which is delivered entirely online by most of the universities that offer this program, with no requirement of campus attendance. This study program is mostly available to students from all countries. 

10. Masters in Medical Laboratory Science (Professional)

The Master of Medical Laboratory Science (Professional) is a study program that is offered by only some universities. It is actually a specialist degree, which is designed to prepare students top make a career in medical laboratories like hospitals as well as private diagnostic laboratories.