Reasons why more and more migrants are settling in Adelaide than Melbourne or Sydney

Adelaide is not only one of the world´s most liveable cities, but it is also a great and affordable place to get settle or study for international students. Adelaide is a very green city as well as it is a city that loves to party.

In recent times, a great increase has been observed in people who came to Adelaide from all around the world whether they are migrants or international students.  This can be seen from the fact that around 20 percent of people living in Adelaide have migrated from other countries. In last few years, a number of overseas students have chosen Adelaide as their study destination.

Here are top seven factors that make Adelaide a perfect overseas study as well as settling destination.... 

1.  It is the most affordable city in Australia

Adelaide is the most economical city in Australia as living here usually cost one 7% less than Brisbane and Perth and around 19% less than Sydney and Melbourne.  Thus, it can help people especially international students to save some money out of their living costs and use that to have some fun like to have a fancy dinner in the heart of the city or attend an Aussie festival.

2.  A number of work and study options to pick

 Adelaide offers many work opportunities in almost every sector as it is one of the fastest growing economical centres of Australia.  Moreover, for international students, this city offers a number of study options in terms of institution, programme, or course. Whether one wants to enrol in an internationally-recognized public university or want to study from a private institution, he/she can pick from a number of options. Those who do not want to attend traditional education can also enrol themselves in a vocational training program. 

3.  A multicultural and welcoming society

Adelaide has ranked fifth on the list of the most liveable cities in the world. The people of Adelaide believe in giving a friendly welcome to all international students, and therefore, they do not discriminate on the basis of religion, culture, or background. This can be seen from the fact that people from over 150 countries are living here.

4.  Fun filled activities and events all around the year

Adelaide hosts over 400 events each year in various categories whether its world music, film, cars, or racing, this city has a festival to celebrate. Apart from it, Adelaide also hosts some delightfully quirky festivals like Adelaide Fringe festivals and the Cabaret. Adelaide is also a home to Australia’s largest multi-arts festival. Adelaide has a number of different restaurants per which make this city the food and wine capital of Australia.

5.  Various discount options for students

International student can earn an annual discount up to AUD$700 on transport costs in Adelaide as they can reap the same transportation rewards as local students. The city also provides free tram and bus services in city centre.

6.  A comfortable climate

The climate of Adelaide is Mediterranean with mild winters and hot, dry summers. Summer in Adelaide generally lasts from December to February with temperatures ranging between 25-35°C. While winters last from June to August and have moderate rainfall. The temperatures generally range between 10-15°C, which makes this city a perfect place to live.