Want to set up your business in Australia??? Here are Different Australian Business Visa categories under which you can apply!!!

In recent times, the Australian economy is experiencing a swift economic growth and low inflation rate.  Industrial restructuring and public sector reformation are the chief reasons that make it one of the strongest economies globally. This is the reasons that a number of businessmen and entrepreneurs from around the world want to setup their own business in Australia or invest in any Australian business.

There are various Australian Business Visa Programs that motivate successful entrepreneurs, top level executives and investors to migrate and stay in the country while developing new or existing opportunities in Australian business.

Here are 4 main categories in which The Australian Business Skills Program is divided, these include:

  • Business Talent (Migrant) and Business Skills (Provisional) Visas
  • Provisional Business Visa
  • Business Talent Visa
  • Investor Visa 
  1.  Business Talent (Migrant) and Business Skills (Provisional) Visas

This visa category is mainly for owners or part-owners of a business. However, applicants have to sign a declaration approving to fulfil important visa requirements after coming in Australia. As per rules and regulations, applicants need to inform the Department of Border Protection (DIBP) and Immigration of their residential address within 6 months after entering in Australia. Moreover, they have to keep informing DIBP of any following changes to their residential address within 28 days of a change of address. Apart from it, in the majority of cases, Business Visa holders need to give input into the Australian economy by involving as owners or part owners at a senior level in a business within the first 24 months after entering into Australia. 

However, along with above mentioned mandatory visa conditions, the business should do as a minimum one of the following:

  • Expand business links with international markets
  • Generate or maintain employment in Australia
  • Export Australian goods or services
  • Introduce new or improved technology
  • Add to commercial activity and competitiveness within sectors of the Australian economy 
  1.  Provisional Business Visa 

Another visa category under which businessmen can migrate to Australia is Provisional Business Visa program. In addition to mandatory visa conditions (mentioned in above section), Provisional Business Visa applicants need to fulfil some specific visa conditions. First of all, they need to acquire a considerable ownership interest in a business in Australia. Moreover, they have to keenly participate at a senior level position in the daily activities of that business. Furthermore, visa holder has to keep making true efforts to hold significant ownership interest. 

  1. Business Talent Visa 

Business Talent Visa is another visa category in which applicants can apply for  The Australian Business Skills Program. However, visa holders have to meet the above referred characteristics within 3 years after their arrival in the country. However, if they fail in doing so, it can result in their visa cancellation. 

  1.  Investor Visa 

The last visa category is investor visa, which is best option for investors or business people who want to invest in Australia. However, as per rules and regulations, Investor Visa holders need to uphold their designated investment for a period of 4 years, while the failure to do the same might result in visa cancellation.