A complete guide about Australia’s lifestyle and culture for those who are migrating to this vibrant country!!!

Australia provides a quality life to its residents. There are many factors which results in good quality of life like less rate of crime, proper access to healthcare, political stability, world class education system, and good infrastructure, etc. This is the reason that every year hundreds of immigrants from all over the world migrate to this wonderful country.

The Australian culture is quite different from the culture of other countries. Therefore it is very important to be aware of certain facts related to Australian culture and lifestyle as this amazing country has so much to offer and as an immigrant, there is so much to learn.

Here are some important aspects of Australian culture and lifestyle that can help immigrants make a clear understanding about this country. 

  • Australian culture & traditions

Australia‘s culture and traditions are very rich and vibrant. The original Australia’s traditions were set up in its British colonial history. However, these have changed drastically with the growth in the country's population.Similarly to some other countries in the world, Australia is a country filled with migrants. Though the native Australian culture still have a great importance in Australia, its culture and lifestyle has been greatly influenced by Asian, Greek, Middle Eastern and many other cultures. 

  • Australian Language

The national language of Australia is English however there are more than 200 languages spoken, including numerous aboriginal Australian languages, which are mainly spoken within its borders.

Although most of the people can speak English, but for some people it quite difficult to adjust the Australian accent and an extra use of slangs as compared to other English speaking countries.

Nevertheless, eventually there is not much difference between Australian English and British English, in terms of both the dialect and the spelling.

Australian communications are generally more informal than in Britain as coworkers mostly call each other by their first names. Moreover, they use the term 'mate' a lot. Therefore, if you are planning to shift to this country, make yourself familiar with this word. 

  • Australian cuisine

Thetypical Australian diet is greatly influenced by the weather. The national diet normally consists of fresh, healthy and seasonal food. It includes local Australian meats and breads along with fish and organically grown vegetables.

The diversity of Australia also has a huge effect on its cuisine. The modern Australian cuisine mainly includes dishes with a blend of Asian, Mediterranean and British ingredients and techniques.

Majority of global food chains including McDonalds, Subway, KFC, Hungry Jacks are quite popular in Australia.

  • Australians are very firm on social ethics and behaviour

Australian people always abide by the certain social rules regarding public behaviour and courtesy. For example, smoking is not generally acceptable in public places such as in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and many other public covered areas, for example train stations. Moreover, punctuality is an important aspect of Australian lifestyle. Australian people are generally very punctual; hence it is important to be on time in Australia. Moreover, it is consider very polite to call if you are going to be late for an appointment or meeting.