A quick guide on the Agreement stream under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme!!!

The Agreement stream allows The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa holders to work in Australia.  This stream is for subclass 457 visa holders who are nominated by an employer through a labour agreement.

Employers or sponsors can use this stream to nominate an applicant through a labour agreement (a formal arrangement negotiated between an Australian employer and the Australian government) which has been negotiated with the government before they lodge the nomination.

Employers can consider entering into a labour agreement if they have a genuine and systemic shortage of suitably skilled Australian workers in their industry and/or geographic location, while standard immigration options are not suitable for their business or area.

A labour agreement generally comes into effect only when it has been signed by all parties involved in the negotiations. A labour agreement is usually valid for three years.

Employers can use a labour agreement if there is one for their industry or their employee’s occupation. However, in case this does not suit their needs, they can negotiate an individual agreement.

However, the applicant/ employee must be offered a position in any of regional areas (the eight areas specified by postcode by the Department of Immigration). 

  • Government Agreement stream requirements

There are certain essential requirements that applicants have to fulfil if they want to apply for this visa under the Government Agreement stream, these include...

  • Applicant must be engaged in Australia under a bilateral agreement between Australia and another country
  • Applicant needs to provide evidence that he/she meets the terms and conditions of the agreement and that their stay in Australia has the support of both the Australian signatory as well as the foreign signatory to the agreement
  • Applicant must have evidence that the Australian signatory is satisfied that he/she will be employed or engaged in accordance with Australian labour laws and practices, except that requirement is assured in the agreement
  • Applicant must comply with all essential licensing or registration requirements associated with their employment or engagement
  • Applicant must have evidence from either the Australian or the foreign signatory representing how long the position lasts. 

However, the important thing to note here is if any family members are coming to Australia with the applicant/visa holder, there are certain requirements that need to fulfilled such as..

  • the bilateral agreement must allow them to enter Australia
  • the Australian signatory must agree to their stay in Australia
  • the family members have to fulfil the requirements of any terms and conditions of the relevant agreement that apply to them 
  • Some other basis conditions

Apart from above mentioned criteria, there are some basis requirements that an applicant has to fulfil. These include..

  • Applicant must possess the required skills and qualifications for the position he/she been nominated for at time of application lodgement
  • Applicant must have appropriate English language skills and should meet the skills and qualifications requirements of the position they have been nominated for at time of application lodgement
  • Applicant must fulfil health and character requirements