Essential documents an applicant has to provide for Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa!!!

The Australian Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) is a type of skilled visa for those skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, any state or territory, or any family member. This visa allows a visa holder to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia. Moreover, applicant can also include certain family members in the application as well.

However there are various documents that an applicant needs to provide at the time of application lodgement. These include... 

1. Identity documents

Applicant needs to provide certain documents to prove his/her identity. An applicant can provide one of the following:

  • a birth certificate showing the names of both parents of the applicant
  • identification pages of a family book showing the names of both parents of the applicant
  • identification pages of an identification document of the applicant issued by the government
  • identification pages of a court-issued document of the applicant that proves his/her identity
  • identification pages of a family census register 
  1. Documents to support applicant’s  expression of interest

Applicant needs to provide documents to prove all of the claims he/she made in his/her EOI.  These include:

  • Skills assessment: Applicant must provide suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for his/her nominated skilled occupation. 
  • Age: Applicant also needs to provide an age proof, such as a birth certificate or passport, to make sure that he/she was under 45 at the time of invitation. 
  • English language skills: Applicant must possess a certain level of English language skills. For this, applicant needs to provide tests results from a specified English language test; that he/she took in the three years immediately before they were invited to apply. 
  • Skilled employment: Applicant also have to provide a proof that in the 10 years before he/she was invited to apply for the visa, he/she worked full time in their skilled nominated occupation. Applicant can provide following documents for this purpose:
  • payslips that cover the period of employment claimed by applicant
  • contracts, group certificates, tax returns, and superannuation documents
  • employment references
  • any other documents relating to his/her employment history that he/she provided for their skills assessment. 
  • Qualifications: Under this skills assessment, applicants will receive points for their highest qualification only. Therefore, to claim these points, applicant must have completed and already received the qualification. The authority undertaking the applicant’s skills assessment will determine if his/her qualifications are comparable to the relevant Australian qualification or not. 
  1. Documents about relationships

If the applicant is or has been married, divorced or permanently separated, or widowed; he/she has to provide proof like divorce documents, separation documents or statutory declarations, or death certificates.

4. Health documents

Applicant does not have to provide health documents because they are communicated to us electronically by the applicant’s physician. 

5. Character documents

There are certain character documents that an applicant has to provide, which include..

  • Police certificates, for cases it is applicable.
  • If applicant has served in the armed forces of any country, he/she has to supply military service records or discharge papers.