Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP): a free Australian English training program for migrants and refuges!!!

Every year hundreds of people from across the world migrate to Australia as a permanent settlement option. While some of them migrate from English speaking countries, on the other side, some of them are not even familiar with the Basic English language.

Nevertheless, they need to worry as there are a number of opportunities that they can get for studying English if they choose to migrate to Australia. Australian government along with its educational institutions does everything that it can do to help people who are coming to Australia from other countries and that don’t speak English as the main language and Adult Migrant English Program, commonly termed as AMEP, is one of the national level program established by Australian government for such migrants.

There are many English language learning opportunities for those people who are permanently migrating to Australia. The Australian government run a special program for them, which is known as the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). These programs aim to provide free English language courses to those migrants, who have migrated to this country for work or humanitarian purposes.

This English Language Program provides up to 510 hours of free English language courses to migrants who belong to the skilled, family as well as humanitarian visa streams. Moreover, this program is delivered at more than 300 locations across Australia in almost all of the major cities as well as regional and rural areas. 

  • Basic eligibility criteria

To get entry into these programs, people have to fulfil eligibility criteria that are generally determined by the Australian department of Immigration and Citizenship. This includes:

  • Only those will be eligible for the Adult Migrant English Program who are either a permanent resident of Australia or hold an eligible temporary visa.
  • In addition, an individual must  meet the given time limits from the date of his/her visa commencement or arrival in Australia to be eligible for the Adult Migrant English Program : 
  1. He/she must register with an Adult Migrant English Program service provider within six months (or 12 months if he/she is less than 18 years of age at the time of registration)
  2. commence his/her tuition within 12 months
  3. complete his/her tuition within five years 
  • English language classes

There a number of English language classes those mostly take place at learning centres. These classes are delivered by qualified AMEP service providers. An individual can choose from a wide range of learning opportunities.

  • A person can go for classroom tuition through either full-time or part-time study, which include some weekend as well as night classes (if available at that place).
  • An individual can choose two streams of tuition, Pre-employment English stream and Social English stream.
  • A person can also go for distance learning through a package of learning material supported by regular internet or telephone contact with an Adult Migrant English Program qualified teacher.
  • An individual can also choose Home Tutor Scheme that provides language assistance by a trained volunteer.
  • Another option is to go for self-paced e-learning using an online package to support an individual’s learning on an independent basis.
  • For those who have under school-aged children, the Adult Migrant English Program also provides free childcare services, while they are participating in Adult Migrant English Program classes.