Apply Australian PR Visa

To become an Australian citizen one must have PR visa

The Australians are one of the most self-effacing races, welcoming all the people of the world cordially with open arms. Australia has ascendancy in all the vistas related to the development of an individual. The country gives equal credence to both the genders making it the most important reason for our choice. The warmth and hospitality provided by the people of Australia makes everyone feel as though they are a home away from home, and were never away in the first place. Be it the summer relief and the warm beaches or the magnificent grandeur of the historic museums and sights to visit, the country is a gratification for the eyes.

The education system of Australia is of par excellence, aiming not only to impart subject values, but also to provide for the overall development of the child. The Australian Education System is focused on making children better than the best through the use of vocational training. There is an assortment and a variety to choose from, which is beneficial as well as advantageous.

People from all over the world come to witness the magnificence and splendid beauty of this country in order to provide solace to their souls, and a pleasure to their eyes. The spell bounding beauty of Australia has an enchanting effect on everyone who visits the country, and if you want to be touted as the citizen of Australia, you can avail for Australian citizenship. The country has a lot to offer to migrants, and the humbleness cascaded by the people of Australia is bereft of any pretense. If you are seeking for Australian PR visa agents in India, then offshore immigration is the best option for you. We are best Australian PR visa agents in Chandigarh who provides best visa services at reasonable cost. To apply for Australian PR Visa in India you must consult with Australian PR visa agents in India, who provide you right information which helps you in getting your Australian PR visa in India easily.

To apply for Australia PR visa you will need to:

1.As an applicant, once you have completed four years of stay in Australia, you can apply for Australian PR visa with the last two months of PR.

2.Be a migrant who is a permanent resident.

3.Assure the residence requirement.

4.Be likely to reside, or continue to reside, in Australia or to uphold a close and continuing association with Australia.

5.Be of good temperament, if you are 18 years if age or over.

1.Form 1300t Australian Citizenship– General Eligibility usually used for applicants aged 18 years and over and under 60 years of age.

2.Form 1290 Australian Citizenship– Other situations usually used for applicants:

* Aged under 10 years or over 60years of age.

* Who undergo permanent loss or considerable impairment of hearing, speech or sight.

* Who have a lasting physical or mental powerlessness that means they are not competent of understanding the nature of the application.

*You must present a range of documents to:

1.Demonstrate your identity,

2.Institute links between all names you have used,

3.Institute you have not had any grim criminal convictions,

4.To pertain for variations to the abode requirement or fees.

Becoming an Australian citizen would mean that you are making a continued commitment to Australia and the government. It is also the commencement of your formal membership of the Australian community and perhaps, it is the step that will facilitate you to say that “I am Australian”.

As an Australian citizen you must :

1. Abide by the law.

2. Come up to guard Australia, when required.

3. Serve on a jury, if called to do so.

4. Vote in federal and state or territory elections and in a referendum.

As an Australian citizen you have the right to

1. Vote in federal and state or territory elections and in a referendum.

2. Apply for work in Australian Public Service or in the Australian defense force.

3. Seek election to parliament.

4. Pertain for an Australian passport and re-enter Australia liberally.

5. Receive aid from an Australian official while overseas.

6. Register children born overseas as Australian citizens by descent.