The following fee structure is in line with the MARA guidelines. Please make sure that you do not pay excessive fee to any agent that is not legitimate and pose as a registered MARA agent.

In line with the ethical practice and code of conduct that OSPL follows we are committed to provide you with best services in the most reasonable and affordable prices.

Skilled Independent Migration 140,000/- Pay Now
Skilled Sponsored Migration 140,000/- Pay Now
Employer Nomination Scheme 180,000/- Pay Now
Long stay business (457) 105,000/- (starts from) Pay Now
Partner Visa (Prospective Marriage) 110,000/- Pay Now
Partner Visa (Spouse) 110,000/- Pay Now
Student Visa 15000/-(Admin fee) Pay Now
Business Short stay (single) 20000/- Pay Now
Business Short stay (5 and more) 18000/-(each application) Pay Now
Visitor Visa (single) 15000/- per application Pay Now
Visitor Visa Group (5 and more) 12500/- per application Pay Now

For investment visas, appeals, rejections and any corporate processes please contact us and one of our associates will get in touch with you with possible solution.

*Starting From (Excluding GST)